Easy Homemade Frozen Dog Treats



In keeping with last Friday’s roundup featuring products to help keep your dog cool during the dog days of summer, I thought I’d curate some tasty ways to keep your dog cool and refreshed too. I usually offer Moose an ice cube or two or a chunk of frozen fruit to help him cool down after a long summer walk, but I’m sure he’d appreciate a bit more effort on my part. When I started to dig around, I was surprised to find so many different recipes, from berries to pumpkin and chicken oh my! These frozen treats are sure to please even the finickiest of puppy palates.  More importantly to me…they look pretty simple to make! I think we’ll try our paw at making a few this weekend as I’m sure Moose will be more then happy to be my taste tester to report back to all of you.

Along with treats, I also included number ten, the Frozen Doggy Ice Cake complete with treats and toys frozen inside. It just so happens that Moose & I have been invited to a Dog friendly BBQ this summer and this may make for the perfect doggy pot-luck item to keep the pups cool and entertained all at the same time!

Does your pooch have a favorite summer treat? We’d love the recipe, so please share!

one Peanut Butter & Apple Pupsicles | two Frozen Strawberry & Yogurt Dipps | three Frozen Yogurt & Berry Bones | four Frozen Chicken & Berry Bones | five Frozen PB & Yogurt Hearts | six Homemade Doggie Ice Cream| seven Frozen Fruity Stars | eight PB & J Pops | nine Frozen Pumpkin Swirls | ten Frozen Ice Cake



  1. kelly says:

    Um dogs shouldn’t eat strawberries, grapes, chocolate, coffee… Before you give your dog something that could kill them check with your veterinarian first…

  2. Keli B says:

    I was almost positive about strawberries and I did confirm it from a Vet. Yes strawberries are good for the dogs!
    Thank You for your recipes.

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